My Personal Journey

Hi! I'm Kerry

Founder of Kerry Walsh Wellness Services. My purpose is to encourage, inspire and coach busy women to stop simply surviving and start thriving by gaining self-confidence and building a foundation of new healthy habits to live a lifestyle they deserve!

My Personal Journey

My journey to a career I love and my purpose!

I became a certified personal trainer in my early 40’s, quit my corporate job, started my own business and never looked back! The only regret I have is that I didn’t start 20 years earlier!

Just like most people I have my own fitness journey with ups and downs…tried every fad diet and program out there looking for that quick fix, only to get the same result over and over…YO YO!

I will never forget I was in my early 30’s the first time I saw a picture of myself and did not recognize “me”. I was mortified! That is not at all the body I saw in the mirror. I was at my all time heaviest, in a terrible marriage and fighting depression.

Somehow I mustered up the energy and confidence (since I had none!) to hire a trainer and get myself in a better place…mentally and physically. Over the next 10 years I worked with 2 personal trainers that truly changed my life. They helped guide me with my goals and provided me a plan to put into action! They held me accountable and taught me healthy habits that I could take with me moving forward in my healthy and fitness journey.

Developing the habits I needed to in order to live the life I deserved and be able to serve others!

Through new healthy lifestyle habits I found self-confidence that had been stripped away, muscles that really did exist and a new career! I wanted to help women just like me find themselves again, feel strong and sexy and live the healthy lifestyle they deserved!

Thinking about all the health issues that run in my family and realizing my chances of being affected are pretty high, I began learning about nutrition and the affects is how on our body and our health.

I believe most families have a long line of many health issues and with a proper exercise and nutrition program most of these health issues can be prevented or at the very least subsided. My family has had colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), hypothyroidism and depression just to name a few.

Now here I am doing what I love and loving what I do! I turned my passion into a career and my goal is to encourage, inspire and coach women to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals! You deserve the very best for yourself and for your family and I would be honored to work with you!

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My Services

What Do I Offer

Women, Wine & Wellness​

We are a dynamic group providing wellness education for women while we connect, learn, grow, and be inspired. Our events naturally attract professional women, women who are passionate about health, and women who just want a fun night out to connect with other women of the same interests.

Back to Basics

Exhausted, Stressed, and feeling paralyzed in life? The Back to Basics: Foundation Series focuses on managing stress, energy and movement to ensure that showing up in life doesn’t feel hard. You can’t pour from an empty cup…caring for yourself is essential is caring for your loved ones.

Diet Terminator

Have you tried every diet imaginable yet continue to struggle with your weight? The Diet Terminator’s “no fail” formula will help you break free from your old habits of turning to food to soothe stress and emotions. By having a healthy relationship with food you will live a happier, more fulfilled life without the shame and guilt of “failed diets”.


Are tired of working out alone, skipping the gym, living unmotivated and want to start thriving instead of just surviving? This program is designed to get you moving, get you focused and make lifestyle changes so that your results are sustainable!

Learn from Me

Latest Online Courses and Guides

$25 Free for Limited Time!

Stress is sneaky.

Sometimes you don’t even know that you’re feeling it until you turn your head and your neck hurts, or you feel a tension headache coming on.

The truth is, some stress is normal (and even good) … but chronic stress can do a real number on your body.

It can wreak havoc on your hormones, making you gain weight (especially unhealthy belly fat).

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Having a strong core requires much more than having great abs.

Your core keeps you standing and sitting upright, protects your back, and it even can affect your breathing and digestion.

Plus, nearly every movement you make originates from your core.

Keeping it aligned, balanced, and strong is integral to your health and well-being!

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Your gut is the host to an entire microbiome of bacteria – an estimated 100 trillion of them!

Keeping those bacteria happy, healthy, and in balance is a big part of a wellness lifestyle. As you can imagine, what you eat plays a very important role.

In this mini-guide, we’ll outline the basics of gut health. Plus, we’ve included lots of delicious recipes.

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Dining out is even more enjoyable when you’re in good company with family, friends and loved ones. But when it comes to nutrition and your health, making your way through a restaurant menu is like walking through a minefield. Many foods contain added fat, salt, sugar and preservatives … and excess calories. In fact, many meals contain more than enough calories to fuel you for an entire day. We’re committed to helping you achieve results, which is why we created this guide to help you make the best choices no matter what cuisine you’re eating. Dining out should be a pleasure … and not derail all your efforts while making you feel guile and shame!

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I’ve got some great news for you today.

You can enjoy your favorite treats while focusing on healthful and nutritious foods and ingredients. 

And you can even save $$$ while doing so!

I created this book for you so you can enjoy the best of what your favorite coffeehouse has to offer…

without all of the unnecessary sugar, artificial flavors & sweeteners, preservatives, trans fats, and other not so beneficial ingredients!

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Body confidence (also called body positivity) means shedding the weight of all those external pressures to achieve a certain “look” or the ideal body.

It means appreciating and loving yourself for being uniquely YOU, as you are right now in this moment!

In this ebook we’re going to go over actionable steps you can take TODAY, to start feeling more confident about yourself almost immediately!

We hope you’ll take this empowering journey with us.

Remember – you’re perfectly “you” … just the way you are!