My favorite beverages to drink for a great night’s sleep

I can’t wait to share some of my favorite beverages to drink for a great night’s sleep!  Do you struggle with sleep?

Sometimes no matter how much we dream of a good night’s sleep, our bodies have other plans.  I’m sure you are well aware of what NOT to drink to disrupt your sleep… like a big, hot, delicious cup of coffee. . But do you know what you SHOULD drink to help you catch some Zzz’s?

Here are some of my favorite drinks that are helpful for drifting off to sleep:

👉 Sleepytime Tea. There are many different brands to choose from that you can find at any grocery store, so pick one up and give it a try.

👉 Golden milk. It’s also great for your health overall, too! Golden milk is so versatile and can be easily made vegan by using plant-based choices.

👉 Tart Cherry Juice. Naturally a source of melatonin which helps promote healthy sleep. . 👉 Magnesium. Helps to promote great sleep, and is also helpful for digestion. So tell me, what do you do to get a great night’s sleep?!

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